Da iLLeSt MaMi (beautiful_me) wrote,
Da iLLeSt MaMi


SoOo ive seen lOtz of ppl doin dis sOo imma do it tOo.

10 Things I Look For/Like In A Guy
1. Eyes. Guys with pretty eyes is def. a turn on. Of course im not going to turn a guy down because his eyes arent exactly pretty but if he has pretty eyes its a plus.
2. Sweet Personalty. Personalty to me means more than looks. A guy that knows how to treat a girl the way the girl wants to be treated is def. a good quailty in a guy.
3. Honest. I believe a person should always be honest about everything when going into a relationship or even when your in one. Honesty is a major role in being a relationship. If your not honest about everything that is going on or how you feel you'll just regret not telling the person exactly how you feel.
4. Trust. Trust is the most important thing in a relationship. Without trust there is no relationship. ( well thats how I feel). You have to know that no matter where he is he's not doing anything wrong.
5. Not to jealous. I dont really like real real jealous guys. Leads to too much figthing/arguing and arguing isnt a good thing.
6. Dresses nice. I love a guy that knows how to dress. Of course I dont like guys that think they are better than everyone conceitedness is a big turn off for me, but as long as they dress nice and dont have a cocky attitude than its all good.
7. Awesome dancer. Well this doesnt necessarly have to be one but nothing is better than going clubbin with a guy that knows how to hold it down on the dance floor.
8. Knows when to be serious but also knows how to joke. Come on now not everything has to be serious all the time. Having fun and joking around is healthy.
9. Bestfriend test. If my bestfriend doesn't like him than im more than likely not going to be with a guy. My bestfriend and me are pretty much alike and if she sees something that I don't see she'll def. tell me.
10. Lastly looks. Looks doesn't really matter to me but come on you gotta be atleast attracted to the person to be with him right?
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June 24 2003, 03:54:34 UTC 14 years ago

Hey girl, I'm disappointed in you. You left out shoes!!! LOL you know you need to add shoes in there!