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aight i decided tOo use dis diary again becauze itz better sOo imma update on wutz been gOin on lately since mii livejOurnal friendz havent really heard frOm me in awhile. sOo i was wid dis guy jOhn fOr almost 3 or 4 mOnthz im nOt really sure lmaO and we ended up breakin up on saturday. at first I was madd upset but ya knO nOw dat i think abOut it itz fOr da better becauze we hadd prOblemz and I guess we gOt tOo clOse tOo fast and we were alwayz tOgether. i just didnt get hOw he said he had to "clear" his head and stOp bein depressed but nOw he messin wid sOme Otha grl but yOu knO itz all gOod becauze he'll realize One day what he had and decide he wantz me bak and i'll b da first one there to say HELL nO lol. i lOve him alOt but im def. nOt ever gOnna gO thru anOther break up like dat. sOo rite nOw im happily SINGLE.

sandizzle cOmez dOwn next week and im sOo excited!!!! i cant wait. we've been friendz fOr like a year and we aint ever met and FINALLY we get tOo. I went and read all mii old entries and they were pretty much ALL abOut emiliO. lOl. me and emi um dOnt talk at all? nOt dat its mii decisiOn itz his becauze he tOld one of mii friendz dat I called him a liar and laughed abOut it? which i dOnt remember but i prObably did. itz all gOod thO i mean i still like him (friendz wise) but if he dOesnt wanna talk tOo me nOthin i can dO abOut it rite? um ryan da otha guy i talked abOut we dOnt talk at all and trust me I DONT want tOo eitha. he still has mii ring thO which sux becauze hez prObably keepin it hOstage or sOmething. i tell ya i pick da winnerz. lol OoO alsO i talked abOut kevin which im sure yall knO whO he iz well we're friends :-) im really happy abOut that cauze hez da one i alwayz gO tO advice fOr nOw lOl.

as fOr as me im dOin gOod considering wut ive been thru since I last pOsted on here. im back in maryland nOw and its better nOw. im having fun and chillin wid all my grlz which i def. needed. when i gOt wid jOhn i kinda stOpped chillin wid them but ive realized dat mii grlz mean mOre tOo me than any guy EVER will. sOo im dOin gOod.

welp imma gO nOw and find sOmething tOo dO but i def. will update again tOday sOmetime

<3 jeNn
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