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beautiful_me's Journal

Da iLLeSt MaMi
7 February
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About Me
Name jenn
Age 21 party time
Birthdate o2 o7 82
City princess anne
Statz livin da gOod live SINGLE wOot wOot
How To Get Up Wit Your Dirty
AoL Names NellysGhettoGrl, GoTzNoTyMe4LuV
Yahoo Messanger jennz_sweet_kissez
ICQ 162585966
Call Ma Voice Mail Itz Toll Free You Aint Gotta Pay 1-866- ZetaTeL Box # 6512295

Quote of Da Day
nOo matter hOw gOod yOu think da guy iz in da end he'll be asshOle

Guyz, Flirtin, Glitter, Dancin, Singin, Chillen, Moviez, Sleepin
Boys, Pervs, Annoying ppL, Bill Collectors, Bugs

If You Want Me This Is What I'll Give Ya A Little Big Of Weed Mixed Wit Sum Hard Liquor
<3 alwayz jeNn