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i seriously do think that im givin up on the whole "male" catagory for awhile lol. nOo not that im goin lesbo on yall nOw just guys confuse me and the more confused I get the more i wanna pull my hair out lol. long story dont feel like gettin into it cause i got nosey ass ppl readin mii diary these days. * hint the comment about emilio*
sOo completely nothin has been goin on. went to ocean city wid tammy and jenn got burnt like crazy. still hurtin rite now n we went on monday i think. today sandizzle comes down from nj im sOo excited about that!!!! i <3333 dat grl. im still not sure wtf we're goin to do this weekend i mean come on now its MD wtf is there to do but go to walmart? lmaO dunnO man we'll see. me and annie <3 chilled last nite. shez down until the umm 13th i think i dunnO. oOo guess whos gonna be working at walmart? MEEEEEE yaya lol nOt really but hey itz a job. imma be workin in the photo place tOo sOo its all good. get to look at pplz pictures and see them embarrass themselves plus I get picture developing free sOo thats even better. thanxs to mii lovely sister in law who i love oOo so much for gettin me the job :-D now i wont feel like a complete loser dis summer wid no job. garenteed 40 hours tOo im nOt sure if id wanna work 40 hours but hey ok not like i have ne thing else to do but they close early sOo its aight.
im suppose to b goin bak to michigan on the 3rd for awhile for the eminem concert but i have a doctors appointment on the 7th n im not even sure how imma manage that one. OoOo mii bestfriend Kelly's dad had triple by pas surgrey yesterday :-( I feel sOo awful because I cant be down there with them but now that i got a job we're planning on going down sometime in august and they are suppose to be coming in august also sOo hopefully we'll end up seeing each other some how. * note to kelly* I hope your dad did well in the surgrey and everything went ok. Please tell him that i love and miss him and hopefully i'll see him soon :-) o HEY by the way Kel lol hope your doin okay also and you still love yur job <3333

aight sOo imma go n watch judge joe brown now lmao omg im sOo addicted to these lil court shows its pathetic. i find miiself wantin to be a lawyer just tOo tell ppl how stupid they are for some of these lawsuits they try to bring in. like sum 1 suin sum 1 for 20 dollarz lmaO umm hellO dont yOu realize it cost more than 20 dollars to even go to court smh@ losers these days.aight imma go 4 real dis time <33333333333333333333333333333333333

ps- i kno imma lil late but did nebodi see 50 cent in the movie awards on mtv? DAMN hez hott!!!!!!
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