Da iLLeSt MaMi (beautiful_me) wrote,
Da iLLeSt MaMi


jay just called me and told me that john is tryna get with kara who just happens to be one of my friends. oo and if that dont make me upset i also found out he had sex wid dis grl jamie and broke her virginity!! grrr i swear he makes me so freakin mad its like how can u get out of a relationship and just go fuck other grls? i havent even thought about it because im still not over him fully but i guess thats because we're different people. now imma be the better person and call kara and tell her not to turn him down because of me because he is a good person and if she likes him i dont want her not sayin yes to him because of me. GRRRRR i hate being a freakin good person
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