Da iLLeSt MaMi (beautiful_me) wrote,
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ne wayz i have no reason y i did that i guess outta boredom. ne wayz today was borin. i did completely nothin all day. our freakin electric went off for almost 2 hours </3 thunder storms. I hate living in the country we're always the last ones to get our electric cut back on when it goes out. i decided not to go out tonite really didnt feel like it. tomorrow ill be a week dat me and john has been broke up and you kno wut right now im doing pretty good. thanxs to everyone who commented in my pasts entry about it. it def. helped out alot. actually to tell yall the truth i like being single. im hardly ever single and now that i am im actually enjoying it. dont have ta worrya bout hurting anyone, not tied down, can do what i want. sOo its def. not a bad thing. sandizzle comes in 6 days!!! im sOo excited. i dunnO wut we're going to do tho because honestly theres like nothing at all to do in maryland. i hate it here. only thing to do is ocean city but when it rains ( like it has been) cant really go there. sOo i guess we'll just have to see. i need a new tongue ring. i just got one not to long ago but this one is really gettin annoying. not that yall care lol just tryna find something to talk about. ugh ive been listening to otown pratically all day lol. whatever happened 2 dem? i got there new albumn and its like after that they've done completely nothing. i still <3 them thO. never gonna forget the last otown concert me tammy and annie went tOo we met trevor and i was like ay trevor i like ur fro lmaO well itz tru hez got nice hair. sOo y not tell him? lmaO good timez man. or goin to da nelly concert n me gettin sick right when nelly got on </3 def. sucked oh well I lasted until he was over lol. ahh i hope this summer is better than last summer. not that last summer wasnt fun but it def. has to be better this summer. the eminem concert is on the 13th of july really excited about that but after that i aint got nothin tOo do. yeah well go to nj of course to visit sandizzle n nicole. hmm i guess we'll see. wow dis entry has been a long shit load of completely nothin lol oh well passes up time. aight imma go and find something constructive tOo do. <3 jeNn
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