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ayeeee sOo just when I thought i was ok wid me and john breakin up I guess im really not. i guess i truely did love him because rite now im still upset. its only umm certain moments I guess. yesterday was our anniversary type of thing and its like gosh i cant believe i waisted sOo much time on ONE guy and than he just blow it all up on my face, but if theres something ive learnt its GUYS will always do that. its like in the beginning its great than everyday after that you get to kno the real person and kno hes def. not the person you thought you were getting with :-( idk maybe its just me but dats wut it alwayz seems like when i get into a relationship. i mean i def. kno im better off without him and i kno i can do alot better but no matter how many timez i tell myself dis it all comes back to all the good times we had and all da fun we had together and its like grrrrrrrrrrrr. sOo ive came to the conclusion jenn will NOT do relatioships ne more for a LONG LONG time. kinda sucks thOo because yeah there is a guy that i do like and ive liked him for awhile but I KNOW i def. cant be back wit him tOo much shit happens when i am wid him and um noo def. dont wanna go thru dat shit again sOo no lol.

gosh man im listening to selfish by nsync NEVER do that when ur upset lol it makes me u cry even worse. i feel like da biggest babii ever. cryin over a guy? i shouldnt do that ive learnt from the past and i should be stronge about it but NOOOOOOO dummy ass me sitting here crying over a guy. no guy should ever be worth that now y cant i just get dat thru mii head and be da normal happy person that i use ta be. i think i really need to be dat person again. i need to be happy wid myself again 4 once. might be hard but i def. wanna be that person again. i just need to stop letting guys get to me.

ne wayz imma go talk to some ppl than gOo to bed goodnite <3
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