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yOo put da kids tOo bed

well guess whO i finally gOt tOo talk tOo ????? emiliO <333 i swear imma alwayz lOve dat bOii nO matter wut we gOo thru. sOo yeah we had a lOng talk catched up on stuff datz been gOin on all in all def. a gOod mOment <3 sOo yeh tOday im gOin out wid jenn and tammy i nunnO wut we're gOin tOo dOo but its like a grlz day out Or sumfin sOo im sure we'll get intO sumthing. jessie tryna hOlla at jenn thO sOo hOpefully they get tOgetha. ahhh itz bOrin its like 12:38 and im still sittin herre in mii nite clOthez i feel like sucha bum but itz all gOod i'll get up sum day lOl. hmmm wut shOuld i wear tOday. im nOt use tOo dis whOle "single" thing lOl. im use ta bein wid da ex all da tyme and him seein me even when i lOok bad and nOw i dOnt gOt a man I gOtta lOok all nice n ish when i gOo out but itz okay i aint tryna lOok like a bum or sumfin. i cOmpletely have nOthin tOo write abOut. i mean i cOuld sit here and talk about wut me and emi talked abOut but i knO sum nOsey ass pplz b readin dis and i def. aint tryna have dem gOo tell everyOne and get shit started sOo imma just keep it to miiself :-D <3

ne wayz imma gOo and find sOmething to wear and sOmething tOo do until we leave i'll hOlla later
<3 jeNn

ps- can we say NICK CANNON and B2K in NEBODI FEELIN FREAKY lOokz fine as hell? mmmmmmmmk imma def. marry nick cannOn just call me jenn cannOn frOm on :-X
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